Traditional Medicine Energetics of food

What is Food Energetics?

To maintain or obtain optimal health, you will be encouraged to explore the benefits of food energetics as a complement therapy alongside your health treatment plan.
Traditional Medicine concentrates on healing the root cause of medical underlying condition(s) and therefore combine acupuncture, nutrition/food energetics, Tuina bodywork, herbal medicine and mind body exercises.

TCM Food Energetics is composed of different aspects including on how foods connect with the seasons, the five elements, energetic profiles, nature, flavours, organs or systems of the body and health.

The practice of this dietary therapy is designed to produce a desired change in your health so your body’s functions can regulate and then contribute to the healing process.
By providing your body with adequate and most nourishing food, you can then cultivate your vital energy called “Qi” which is essential to lead a healthy life.

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